Septic Services in Crawfordville, Florida

Residential Septic Systems

CJ Malphurs Septic provides septic system services in an around your home. Our team is equipped to handle installation and maintenance issues that may occur, whether the issue is big or small. From installation to repairing an existing system, we have you covered.

Residential Installation Services Include:

• Gravity Flow
• Pump
• Sump Pump
• Mound
• Drip Irrigation
• Other Standard/Alternative Products
• Repairs of Existing Systems

Commercial Septic Systems

CJ Malphurs has worked with numerous businesses in ensuring that their septic systems are functioning properly. We've installed and maintenanced several large commercial septic systems. Our Master contractors and team have the skills and expertise to work with experienced wastewater engineers to ensure that we provide professional and accurate services. From accurate permitting to installation services, put your mind at ease when you call on our professional team.

Septic Products & Information

CJ Malphurs Septic Service prides ourselves on using the most trusted and professional septic system products on the market. In addition, we provide maintenance for many other septic system products. Below are a few of the septic system products we carry and support.

Infiltrator Systems

A leading company when it comes to septic products. They offer a variety of materials such as tanks, chambered drain field systems, pump controls and Aquaworx Remediator. Our company is a leader in purchasing and installing these systems.


A leader in nitrogen reduction technology. This is a manufacturer of FAST wastewater treatment systems. This product is used primarily for performance based treatment systems and aerobic treatment unit installations.


A leader in Nitrogen Reduction field, CJ Malphurs offers installation and maintenance for this system. This system is affordable, reliable and great for new home construction.

Brooks Concrete Tanks

A primary tank provider of our FAST system. Working in and around our community for years, they've provided quality and trusted concrete products.

Southern Precast

A provider of septic tanks in northern Florida, these tanks are regularly used in standard installations, as well as in NORWECO singular systems.