Permitting & Pumping Services in Crawfordville, Florida

Permitting Services

Fred Malphurs is a master contractor and is authorized to evaluate and perform site evaluations for septic systems and perform repairs for existing septic systems. In addition, our team is equipped to complete site evaluations for complex projects that may require an engineer's design, especially for aerobic systems.

In order to complete this process, you must file the proper paperwork and include a site drawing of your property to the County Health Department. Once the permit is filed, the County Health Department must then review and issue the permit. The review and issuing process takes between 7 - 10 days, but can be quicker.

Services Include:

  • New Septic System Permits
  • Repairs
  • Modifications to Existing Septic Systems
  • Engineer Designed Septic Systems
  • Performance-based treatment as well as Advanced Secondary treatment for those problem sites

Pumping Services

At CJ Malphurs, we provide 24 hour pumping services for residential and commercial customer of Wakulla, Franklin, Leon, Gadsen and Jefferson counties. In case of an emergency, please call our office to receive a competitive quote for emergency pumping service, or if you want to set up regular monthly or yearly pumping. In addition, we have regular grease trap pumping services available for restaurants.
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The pumping frequency depends on several factors, such as: septic tank capacity, wastewater volume and the amount of solids in wastewater.
The table above list the estimated pumping frequencies according to septic tank capacity and size of the household. The frequencies were calculated by a minimum of 24 hours worth of wastewater retensions with 50 percent of the retained solids digested.

These numbers presented are for estimate purposes only. Every system and situation is different and can require more or less pumping. For questions about septic system pumping or maintenance, contact our team today.