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We are not an engineering firm, however, we've worked with numerous local engineers on several different projects at CJ Malphurs. In Wakulla county, it's required for all new septic system installations and repair systems to be engineer designed. These type of systems are usually called, Performance Based Treatment Systems, or PBTS. With this type of system, the engineer will design a system based off a set of performance standards, and maintenance will perform a semi-annual inspections to ensure the system functions properly.

F.A.S.T. Systems - ATU

CJ Malphurs is certified and equipped to install for F.A.S.T, a nitrogen-reducing ATU system. Although there are several different systems available for purchase, the F.A.S.T system is more compact, smaller and able to be installed into your existing septic tank directly. Read below for frequently asked questions.


Q. What is it?
A. F.A.S.T. (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) is a performance based nitrogen-reducing septic system that can be fitted directly into your existing septic tank or installed as a new system.
Q. How does it work?
1. MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems process all the wastewater from single family homes, clusters of homes, small communities or a portion of wastewater to aid struggling municipal package plants.

2. Natural separation and settling processes occur prior to entering the MicroFAST treatment module.

3. A remote-mounted, above-ground blower, the system's only moving part, introduces air (oxygen) into the treatment module to facilitate a robust circulation of wastewater through the media's channeled flow path.

4. FAST's fixed film media provides a high surface-to-volume ratio to maintain exceptional microbial growth during low, average and peak usage. Bacteria become "fixed" or attached to the stationary media where the abundant, diverse and self-regulating population of microbes is consistently maintained in the aeration zone to metabolize the incoming waste.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. The cost of installing a F.A.S.T. system varies depending upon the following factors: site conditions, whether it is a new installation or a repair, mound or in-ground, infiltrator or drip irrigation system and the flow rating of your home or office. We can install RetroFAST for as little as $5,000-$6,000 or a completely new installation starting at less than $7,000.
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